cat litter mat
cat litter mat
cat litter mat

XL Double Layer Cat Litter mat

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CAT LITTER MAT(27.5" by 21.6")

Cat litter on carpeting, furniture and clothing is not pleasant. Our Cat Litter Mat is the perfect solution for this! Simply place your litter box on the double layer cat litter trap mat and when your cat leaves the litter box, litter that is trapped on its paws is released onto the mat and falls through the holes on the top layer into the bottom layer

The Cat Litter mat features a honeycomb design that traps litter from the litter box and your cat's paws, keeping your house tidy and saving you unnecessary cleaning time.

cat litter mat


SAFE & DURABLE: Made with lightweight, durable, pet-friendly and eco-friendly EVA foam rubber, the Cat Litter  Mat is safe for your cats.

DOUBLE LAYER: The double layer Cat Litter mat has two layers. The top layer is a honey comb design with large holes that allow litter released from the litter box and the cat's paws to fall throughinto the lower or catch all layer. This serves to make sure that the top layer stays clean for longer. The kitty litter trapping mat opens on one end making it easy to empty and clean.

WATERPROOF: The Cat Litter Mat has a waterproof base that keeps urine off the floor. An additional nylon mess along the border of the mat absorbs excess urine to prevent leaks and keep the floor dry.

EASY TO CLEAN: The Cat Litter Mat has one open end, making it easy to empty and clean. Simply tip the litter back into the litter box, and hose off the mat if you need to. The cat litter mat can also be vacuumed, washed in water or wiped with a wet rag. Air dry to keep it smelling fresh.

SIZE: The Cat Litter Mat is large enough for effective use. It measures 50cm (21.6 Inches) by 70cm (27.5 Inches). It can also be folded into two.

cat litter mat

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