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Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow Cat Bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow Cat Bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed
Marshmallow cat bed, fluffy cat bed

Marshmallow Cat Bed

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***Larger Sizes Available***


Treat your beloved companion to a little luxury with the Original Marshmallow Cat Bed. Our comfy fluffy cat bed is plush and comfortable, making it the perfect snuggle place for your pampered cat. Comfy and easy to clean, the Marshmallow Cat Bed is Purrfect!

Our furry friends need their own special snuggle place to feel comfy, cozy and loved.  Our Marshmallow Cat Bed is designed to make sure your pampered cat won't want to leave this special snuggle bed for whatever reason...well, maybe for a treat!  This fluffy cat bed comes in different sizes making it purrfect for stretching and sharing!

marshmallow cat bed fluffy cat bed


Supports Better Sleep: Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality super soft marshmallow cat bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers comfort for joint and muscle pain relief.

Superior Comfort: Cozy, flexible and finished with long plush faux fur, our self-warming marshmallow cat bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat! This fluffy cat bed is especially loved by cats that love to knead!

Calming Bed For Pets: Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow and knead our marshmallow cat beds have a very calming effect and are great for restful sleep required for improved behavior and better health.

Pet-Safe Materials: Our marshmallow cat bed is made of non-toxic materialsMade of durable nylon and luxurious faux fur, safe in the washing machine and dryer.

Versatile Design: Available in beautiful natural colors, our marshmallow cat bed is a seamless addition to any room’s décor! And because they’re finished with water and dirt-resistant bottoms, they help prevent accidental messes from reaching your floors.

Easy to wash: The marshmallow cat bed can be washed by hand or machine. Machine wash on a gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low heat.

Pet-Safe: Made from Coral Fleece, the Marshmallow Bed is both comfortable AND safe for pets.

The fluffy cat bed is available in White, Pink, Beige, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Brown and Light Coffee

Portable and Lightweight. Weight: 0.5 - 1kg (1.1 to 2.2 lbs)

marshallow cat bed


13.8 inches (35 cm) suitable for up to 3 lbs (1.4 kgs) (SMALL)

18 Inches (45.7 cm) suitable for pets upto 11 lbs (5 kg)

24 inches (60 cm), suitable for up to 17.6 lbs (8 kgs)

28 Inches (70 cm) suitable for up to 26.5 lbs (12 kgs)

32 Inches (80 cm) suitable for up to 44 lbs ( 20 kgs) 

40 Inches (100cm) suitable for up to 55 lbs (25kgs) Great size for dogs!

***** If you are not sure of fit pick the larger size****

rainbow marshmallow cat bed


 "I knew my kitty would love it, because he is a "kneader!" He loves to just knead, knead, knead it! It is so attractive and cuddly-looking - I sometimes put my bare feet in it and just relax!” – Joanne M.

"My cat loves it and seems to be super relaxed when she sleeps in it. I washed it when it arrived, and when it was dry, it was just as fluffy and lovely as before. It also makes a nice addition to the room. Amazing." 💕 Linda U.

"My ginger kitty "Cous Cous" loves this bed. It took her about 12 hours to check it out and then I could not get her out of it. It is very silky-soft and she spends most of her time in it. The design cradles her body creating a comfy safe space for her.”Janet B.


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Cats love it! I’m buying another one now! Lol


she loved it! thank you!


Great product, my cat love it !!! And received super fast! Thank you so much, really good product Perfect product!


Le kitty is very pleased!


Both cats are happy, use a pillow for the purpose! Cats liked the pillow