tower of tracks cat toy, cat ball track toy
tower of tracks cat toy, cat ball track toy
tower of tracks cat toy, cat ball track toy

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

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You can’t really go wrong with this interactive Tower of Tracks Cat Toy beloved by playful and less active cats alike.

Whether you have a playful kitten, an older cat or one with a disability, the Tower of Tracks Cat Toy is a hit among felines.

 tower of tracks cat toy, cat ball track toy

This is by far one of my baby's favorite toys,” writes a cat parent. “It's one of those toys that she can casually lay down and barely tap at when she is tired, but it is also one of those toys that makes her want to run around it and attack from different angles. It's so fun watching her get excited over this toy. No matter what we play with, she always comes back to the tower. It is pretty good quality as well. Definitely not something that will break anytime soon and worth what I paid for.”

My cats have loved this tracks cat toy since it arrived a few weeks ago. They go back to it daily for some play time. I think the ease with which the balls roll around their tracks makes for lots of fun moving and watching them go around. Because the basic frame is so lightweight and moves so easily, I put a can of beans in the middle, empty section, so there was a little more resistance when the cats pawed it to move the balls. Great toy!” 

Another adds, “Kittens love to climb on this as well as play with the ball in each track. Keeps them busy and happy. I have three of these and will be ordering more in the future. Reason being, I have noticed lately (this past year) some of my geriatric cats (who don't have a lot of pep) will lie down next to one and just pat at the ball. Within ten minutes they are up playing gently with it for about another five minutes. Rekindles their younger play instinct.”